Capel Vale has arguably the most diverse vineyard resource in Western Australia with more than 250 hectares across the 4 major regions.

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(1)  Introduction to Capel Vale

  -  The Capel Vale Story 

  • 1. One of the early pioneers of the WA wine industry, Dr Peter Pratten founded Capel Vale in 1974
  • 2. 100% Family owned & operated Simon Pratten now CEO effective July 2007
  • 3. Fully estate grown, made and packaged.
  • 4. Capel Vale is situated in the cool climate Geographe region of South West WA.
  • 5. Exports to 20 countries worldwide.
  • 6. Passionate about producing complex, powerful, yet elegant wines, from the best   regions in  Western Australia.
  • 7. Estate vineyards in 4 W.A. Regions
  • 8. Environmental awareness
  • 9. Use of poultry as an insect control
  • 10. Eco-sensitive and Eco-stable
  • 11. Distinctive regional characters 


 (2)  Dr Peter Pratten and the journey of Capel Vale


  • 1. 1974 Dr Peter Pratten and Elizabeth Pratten planted Capel ‘Stirling Vineyard’
  • 2. 1979 Built first winery, Capel – Western Australia
  • 3. 1981 Dr Pratten conducts trials of wines made in the same winery side by side from single varietal fruit from each area he could find. During this period he decides where he believes the most complex and interesting styles best grew in the cool part of WA.
  • 4. 1981 – current Dr Pratten then purchased land and planted the appropriate vines in these areas. It was his passion to determine the best region in south Western Australia for each of the main premium grape varieties at the time
  • 5. 1986 Capel Vale Riesling made by Dr Peter Pratten as winemaker named Australian National Dry White Champion
  • 6. 2004 Modern high speed bottling plant installed, supporting screwcaps
  • 7. 2006 Larry Cherubino (Nominated “Best Young Australian Winemaker 2004” DECANTERMAGAZINE) appointed as Consultant Winemaker 
  • 8. 2007 New labels, brand architecture launched. An amazing response from trade and end-consumer followed.
  • 9. 2007 Trophy won at the Royal Melbourne Wine Show for Debut Merlot
  • 10. 2008 Capel Vale restaurant wins “Best Restaurant in South West” from Restaurant Catering Association 
  • 11. 2008 Capel Vale Winery & Restaurant awarded “Most Improved Winery” by The West wine writer Ray Jorda 
  • 12. 2009 Capel Vale Winery & Restaurant celebrates 35 years


 (3) Capel Vale Vineyards


 Stirling Vineyard

  •  * All on red alluvial loam over limestone near the coast (Capel)
  •  * Best Varieties

          -Chardonnay & Viognier

            -Merlot, Petit Verdot & Malbec

  • * Very Reliable Climate

             -Strong afternoon sea breeze delays ripening

2.  Margaret River

  The Scholar Vineyard

  • * Sandy loam, laterite gravel & granite
  • * Best Varieties

         -Cabernet Sauvignon

         -Merlot & Malbec

  • * Windy & South facing in the Cowaramup area of Margaret River
  • * Ideal for Bordeaux red blended styles

3.  Pemberton

  Sheldrake Vineyard

  • *  Rich Karri loam
  • *  Best Varieties

          -Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon & Chardonnay

          -Pinot Noir

  • *  Other varieties grown



  • *  Very cool area with Southern Ocean Influence

4.  Mount Barker

  Whispering Hill Vineyard

  • * Shallow leached sandy loam with laterite gravel
  • * Best Varieties



  • * Dry region, hostile winds, Southern Ocean influence.
  • * Best Riesling area of Western Australia


  (4) Winery, Winemaking & Bottling Capabilities

  Winery Capabilities

  Crush capability 2 – 3,000 tonnes & storage capacity 3 million liters storage (inc oak)


  Lead by Larry Cherubino (Consultant Winemaker, ex Hardy’s/Houghtons)


 (5)  Capel Vale Brand Architecture – 4 Tiers  開普品牌結構-四個等級

1.  Capel Vale “Debut” Range   普莊園系列 Unwooded Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, SBS,  Verdelho, Cabernet Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz Rose & Sparkling NV

2.  Capel Vale “Regional Series” Range 普莊園地區系列 SSB, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc,  Chardonnay & Cabernet Merlot

3.  Capel Vale “Cellar Exclusive” Range 普莊園精選系列 Cabernet Blend, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Viognier, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Verdot & Vintage Sparkling

4.  Capel Vale Single Vineyard Series 普莊園 單一葡萄園系列 Shiraz, Riesling, & Cabernet Sauvignon (Mar 09)


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