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 Merv(父) and Sandy(女) 

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family-Mrs Sandra Hallett & Mr Rodney Hallett

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Mrs Sandra Hallett & Mr Rodney Hallett's family

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Mrs Sandra Hallett & Mr Rodney Hallett's family


Merv and Judy Lange, founders of Alkoomi Wines in 1971, recently handed over the Alkoomi business to their daughter Sandy and her husband Rod Hallett.

Sandy grew up on the Alkoomi vineyards in Frankland River.  In her late teens and early twenties Sandy enjoyed a few years travelling and a variety of working environments.  In 1989 she married Rod Hallett and they have three daughters, all now teenagers, Laura, Emily and Molly.

In 1994 Sandy and Rod came to live on the Alkoomi vineyards and Sandy has been deeply involved in the business and its administration since then.  At the same time, Rod was appointed Alkoomi’s Production Manager and duly became involved in all aspects of the running of the business.

In 2005 Rod took the opportunity to learn more about the viticultural industry; he left Alkoomi and was appointed Manager of one of the largest vineyards in the Frankland River wine region.   

This experience, the knowledge gained and the wide-spread responsibilities he was given, are invaluable for Rod and Sandy who, as of 1st June 2010, have taken on the challenge of running Alkoomi Wines.  

亞庫米酒莊 (Alkoomi Wines)的創始人梅爾夫和朱蒂‧蘭格,在1971年建立莊園,近年傳承家族事業給他們的女兒姍迪和她的丈夫羅得哈利特。

姍迪在法蘭克蘭河區裡的亞庫米(Alkoomi)葡萄園長大。   姍迪在青少年時期 喜愛旅行和不同的工作環境。   在1989年與相戀的羅得 哈利特結婚,他們有三個寶貝 女兒,勞拉,艾蜜莉和莫利。

在1994姍迪和羅得 哈利特定居於亞庫米(Alkoomi)莊園,姍迪從那開始接管家族事業。同時,羅得哈利特被任命為Alkoomi業務經理共同經營家族事業。 

羅得 哈利特在2005年時被任命為在法蘭克蘭河酒地區裡的最大的葡萄園之一的經理。藉由此機會更詳細地了解當地葡萄栽培的工業。




業務聯絡人:鄭小姐(Cathy Cheng ) / 電話:02-2777-5779 分機160



雅得蕊葡萄酒專賣/Adelaide Finewine Cellar



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